As Nordic creative director for Publicis, Jerker will develop and sharpen our creative offering.
Back in the days, Jerker was one of the co-founders of Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden, circle closed in other words.

Welcome home Jerker!

An entirely new concept for Swedish pizza brand Grandiosa. The message is as clear and simple as the product itself. Everybody loves pizza, so just come and get it.

Jakob will be a perfect fit here at Saatchi with his documented creative experience, digital focus, entrepreneurial mindset and a lot of energy. Together we will continuesly support our customers and successfully face their challenges. We are all so glad to have Jakob in the team!

We moved!

We have moved to Hammarby Sjöstad together with our Publicis friends. Drop by and say hi at Ljusslingan 26.

Summer season equals new flavors of ice cream, soft drinks and of course Fun Light (the one with no sugar). This year we introduced crowd-pleasers like Lemonade, Mandarin Madness and Wild Berries. In addition to being sugar-free, we wanted to point out that Fun Light is quite climate-smart. Instead of carrying home loads of water from the food store, you only need to carry home the taste. Fill your water bottle with fresh water, add a splash of Fun Light and voila, you have a refreshing drink
for the gym or the beach.

Magnussons is a small family owned business that produces first-rate dog food. All ingredients are from nearby farms and fresh meat is unloaded at the dock of their small factory in Bro every morning. The food is made of vegetables, meat, eggs and cereals, nothing else. It´s actually good enough for humans to eat, according to Swedish food standards. We tasted some freshly baked pellets when we visited a while ago. How it tasted? Not too bad. We think great content like that deserves great packaging. And hanging with the dogs, especially the dachshund puppies, for a whole day was the best photo-shoot ever.

One way to experience filgood is to eat Verum. That’s not the only way though. Filgood can occur when listening to your favourite song or watching a beautiful piece of art. Colours is another thing that can have a positive effect on your brain and wellbeing. That´s why Verum, together with colour expert Yvonne Karlsson, proudly presents the Filgood colour NCS 3030-G30Y. A serene green colour that resonates with nature and calmness. We thought Slussen, one of Stockholm’s most stressful spots, could use some Filgood. So we repainted the place in our Filgood-colour and brought some harmony and stillness to all the commuters in the morning rush.

We are helping Ramsbury to launch one of the worlds few “Single Estates” on the gin market. Here you can see a sample of the content we produced to tell the story about how everything is carefully crafted by hand by the people at the estate with nothing but the finest local produce.

Andreas Sjöstrand is our new colleague and project leader here at Saatchi. Most recently he worked at Social Industries and before this Ibeyostudio , mainly with communication concepts and strategy for clients like PUMA, & Other Stories, Levis, and Nordiska Kompaniet. We are super happy to bring Andreas into our team and are looking forward to all the fun and great work ahead of us.

Welcome Lina!

Say Hi to Lina, our latest addition here at Drottinggatan. In her role as graphic designer she will be working with several our the agencies clients. When she creates the prefers to mix illustrations, photography and graphic design. And to match colors, at the moment her favorite is pink. In her spare time she dances dancehall or techno in the woods. At home she cuddles with her two cats. Lina’s just came out of Hyper Island where she studied “Digital Media Creative”.