Studies have found that it takes approximately 7 seconds to make a first impression and the compact Italian race car Abarth 595 Competizione accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 6.7 seconds.
Putting these two facts together, we created Abarth’s latest campaign; Love At Fast Sight. In what probably is the fastest rendezvous in dating history, this dating experiment features single girl Lova speed dating five candidates in the back seat of an Abarth 595 Competizione, driven by professional race car driver Joakim Darbom.

Together with our new client Jeep we brought home the trophy in DN Reklamcupen. Again. Last year we won with a print ad for Toyota. This year’s winning entry tells the slitghly surreal story of a Jeep driver escaping the city for a new life in the wilderness.

We thank the jury for the honorable award and our brave client Jeep for the trust!

Say hello to Carl Lundborg and Lova Sauk, our newest recruits at the office. Carl will serve as Account Manager with an extra focus on PR. He holds a Master in Marketing from Stockholm School of Economics and has previously worked as a journalist at swedish morning paper DN. Lova will tackle the role as Office Manager and has most recently worked with film production. Before that she studied psychology and strategic communication in Lund. So happy to have you guys!

Vroom! FCA Sweden and their four iconic car brands are now dear clients of ours.

– Together with the strategic and creative strength of Saatchi & Saatchi, we look forward to taking the next step with our brands and models, says Jesper Albansson, Marketing Communications Manager at FCA Sweden.

For years, we have had different artists and photographers showcasing their work in our premises. This year we wanted to create a bigger bang and celebrate new art. The result is an exhibit with 12 young artists and their mixed impressions. The exhibition will go on until June 22th, to drop by and take a look send an email to:


Anna Tedestam
Rikard Olsen
Elin Stampe
Peter Jeppson
Frida Vega Salomonsson
Stelios Vasilantonakis
Cajsa Wessberg
Alina Grasmann (DE)
Johanna Berg
Emmeli Rolleberg
Cherry Cobra Films

We and our client Gainomax just won gold in the february edition of Resumé’s Print of the Month with our ad “Gulebøjer”. Wiho!

“Popaganda – The single release” won gold at the award show Guldnyckeln in category: Entertainment.

This years golden egg jury is appointed. And we are very happy to have two of us at the table. Our art director Lisa for the category ”innovation and online movie” and copywriter Katja in ”film and audio”. Exciting times lay ahead, fingers crossed for the girls and of course for a few nominations for our agency.

Every month Sweden’s best campaign are crowned by Resumé. This year three of our colleagues have been given the honor of participating in picking the winning contributions. Jonas will be chairman of category Print, Katja will join category Alternative Media and Fanny joins category Outside.


Elmsta 3000 horror fest’s film “The Musical Massaker” has been awarded with this years best advertising song at the Roy gala. A song that our Creative Director Gustav Egerstedt wrote himself five years ago, now recorded with a new twist together with the friends at Music Super Circus.

We have worked with this little horror fest since 2007. A very interesting assignment since the communication is supposed to awaken a whole other array of feelings then your normal advertising, namely; horror and discomfort.

Each campaign is derived from the festivals theme of the year, and the goal is to me scarier than the movies shown. This years theme was “Horror films from all corners of the world” and the idea was to let famous horror characters from different countries meet and do a musical together.